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-type- 3★.png

War Javelin
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Weapon Class Arte Weapon
Arte Type -type- Shot.png Shot
Release Arc 4: Chapter 1
Release Date Oct 28, 2020
Sell Value 1,500 Gald 20 Prism 0 High Prism
Equip User Moses

Stats Physical Arte CC
-limit break- 0v2.png - - 3
-limit break- 4v2.png - - 5
-limit break- super 3.png - - 6

Arte Details
Savage Strike

Element Chain # Cost Power
-element- Earth.png Earth None 5 CC 305
Cast Time Knockdown Off the Ground Preview
No No Yes Youtube
Materials Enhancements
  1. Chance to cause -status- Slow.png Slow on enemy hit
  2. When used, negate -status- Slow.png Slow on caster
  3. Boost odds of inflicting ailment by 2%
  4. Recover HP equal to 8% of damage dealt
  5. Boost strength of ailment effect by 1
  6. Boost odds of inflicting ailment by 6%


Moses's Weapon & Arte List
Rarity Artes
-type- 3★.png
War Javelin (Savage Strike) • Silver Javelin (Eagle Shot / Outlaw) • Mithril Spear L (Lone Wolf) •
-type- 4★.png
Gungnir (Kaiso) • Earth Javelin (Kohou Kai) • Gae Bolg (Korou) •
-type- 5★.png
Raging Beastmaster Moses (Wolf Storm / Savage Wolf Storm) •
-type- Mirrage.png
Awaiting Chief (Senkoushiretten) • Bandit of the Legacy (Rouohazetsu) •
-type- Spirit Gear.png
Spirit Gear currently unavailable.
Moses's Costume List
Type Costumes
Outfits Starting OutfitFormal
Accessory Starting Accessory
Weapon Starting Weapon
Mirrage Cut-in Reward Mirrage Cut-inMirrage Cut-in