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Defeat 100 Foes in Unison Attack!


For Every 20 Foes Defeated a Minute Gets Added

Unison Attack is a Multiplayer Mode that opens for limited intervals. In this mode, you join with two other players and attempt to defeat 60 enemies. Each player has two characters, who can be switched between at will. Battles begin with a 1 minute time limit, which increases by 1 minute every time 20 enemies are defeated, giving a total of 3 minutes to complete the match. Playing this mode awards you points which give you random Badges at set intervals.

Character Restrictions

Characters Stats are Adjusted For Unison Attack

In Unison Attack, only selected characters are available. If you have these characters, they will have the equipment and Mirrages of your version of that character. If not, a standard "rental" version of that character will be provided. Rental Characters can't have their equipment or costume changed.

No character can appear in two different player's teams. If this occurs in matchmaking, one of the players is moved to a different group.

In order to level the field between players, characters are set to level 50 and gear is set to level 1. They will still retain any Awakening Skills obtained from the Tower of Ancient Progenitors as well as enhancements performed on their equipment.

Character Bonus

The More Characters You Choose, The Higher the Team's Mirrage Ratio

When preparing for a match, you may choose what characters you would like to play as. You must select at least two characters. Choosing more than two characters increases the team's Mirrage Ratio, but the characters you get to play as will be selected randomly from that pool.

Switch Blast

Switch Character by Tapping

During play, you can alternate between your two characters by tapping the reserve character's portrait. Doing so activates a Switch Blast, a pre-set arte performed by the incoming character. The default arte used is the one set to the character's upper right equipment slot, but this can be changed when selecting equipment. Incoming characters arrive with full CC.

Grand Resonant Mirrage Artes

Break Crystal to Activate

During the battle, crystals will appear. By destroying these crystals, you will activate a Grand Resonant Mirrage Arte - a special Mirrage Arte that all active characters participate in. The resounding Mirrage Arte used is determined by the element of the crystal when it is destroyed. The element of the crystal can be changed by hitting it with normal attacks, while hitting it with artes breaks it.

Grand Resonant Mirrage Artes
Element Mirrage Arte
Earth Earth Disaster
Water Aqua Mystic
Fire Crimson Megido
Wind Sylphid Melody
Light Sanctuary
Dark Shadow Divide


Play with Friends and Others

Before a round begins, you will be matched with two other players. They may either be randomized or organized with other people. You may not use any of the same characters that another player in the same room is using.


You have the option to coordinate a Unison Attack party with up to two players. When choosing this option, you will have the opportunity to either create a room or join an existing room. When creating a room, the unique Room ID will be displayed in the upper right corner. The room's creator may also press the button on the lower left to fill an empty space with an AI-controlled COM. Note that spaces filled this way will be given rental versions of the characters selected, so this option may not produce desirable results. When joining another person's existing room, the Room ID must be entered in the space provided. Unlike the Random option, there is no time limit for gathering players.


With this option, you will be matched with two other players who are also seeking to participate. If no other players are found withing a 30-second window, an error message will appear and you will be returned to the main screen. Once three players are selected, three seconds will count down before the round begins. Disconnection during this 3-second period will result in the disconnected player being replaced by an AI-controlled team of the same characters.


Duplicate Badges Increase Strength of Effects

Some Badges are Event Exclusives

There are two types of badges available in Unison Attack mode - Battle Badges and Mirrage Arte Badges. Battle badges can be used during general combat and provide a bonus to your character or to nearby allies, but have cooldowns. Mirrage Arte Badges can only be used during Mirrage Arte animations, but they have no cooldowns, so tap them as much as you can while they are available!

As you acquire more of the same badges, the abilities of that badge improve (cooldowns are reduced or multipliers increase)

Battle Badges

P.ATK Up 30

Alphen P.ATK Up Badge

Badge: P.ATK Up 30
Effect: Increase Physical Attack by 30%.
Levels: 20 Sec / 18 Sec / 16 Sec / 15 Sec / 14 Sec / 13 Sec / 12 Sec
Badge Count: 75
See: P.ATK Up 30 for more details

A.ATK Up 30

Allen A.ATK Up Badge

Badge: A.ATK Up 30
Effect: Increase Arte Attack by 30%.
Levels: 25 Sec / 22.5 Sec / 20 Sec / 18.75 Sec / 17.5 Sec / 16.25 Sec / 15 Sec
Badge Count: 55
See: A.ATK Up 30 for more details

P.DEF Up 30

Meredy P.DEF Up Badge

Badge: P.DEF Up 30
Effect: Increase Physical Defense by 30%.
Levels: 20 Sec / 18 Sec / 16 Sec / 15 Sec / 14 Sec / 13 Sec / 12 Sec
Badge Count: 36
See: P.DEF Up 30 for more details

A.DEF Up 30

Rutee A.DEF Up Badge

Badge: A.DEF Up 30
Effect: Increase Arte Defense by 30%.
Levels: 20 Sec / 18 Sec / 16 Sec / 15 Sec / 14 Sec / 13 Sec / 12 Sec
Badge Count: 31
See: A.DEF Up 30 for more details

Power Up w/ Hit Count

Lloyd Power Up w/ Hit Count Badge

Badge: Power Up w/ Hit Count
Effect: Power increases with the number of hits.
Levels: 20 Sec / 18 Sec / 16 Sec / 15 Sec / 14 Sec / 13 Sec / 12 Sec
Badge Count: 67
See: Power Up w/ Hit Count for more details

Master Arte Activation

Ix Master Arte Activation Badge

Badge: Master Arte Activation
Effect: Artes that require a chain count to be used activate immediately.
Levels: 40 Sec / 36 Sec / 32 Sec / 30 Sec / 28 Sec / 26 Sec / 24 Sec
Badge Count: 77
See: Master Arte Activation for more details

Hate Up

Luke Hate Up Badge

Badge: Hate Up
Effect: Draw the attention of enemies.
Levels: 10 Sec / 9 Sec / 8 Sec / 7.5 Sec / 7 Sec / 6.5 Sec / 6 Sec
Badge Count: 80
See: Hate Up for more details

Hate Down

Sorey Hate Down Badge

Badge: Hate Down
Effect: Reduce the attention of enemies focusing you.
Levels: 10 Sec / 9 Sec / 8 Sec / 7.5 Sec / 7 Sec / 6.5 Sec / 6 Sec
Badge Count: 50
See: Hate Down for more details

HP Recovery 8%

Kanonno Earhart HP Recovery 8% Badge

Badge: HP Recovery 8%
Effect: Recover HP equal to 8% of damage dealt.
Levels: 15 Sec / 13.5 Sec / 12 Sec / 11.25 Sec / 10.5 Sec / 9.75 Sec / 9 Sec
Badge Count: 44
See: HP Recovery 8% for more details

Physical Auto Defense

Milla Maxwell Physical Auto Defense Badge

Badge: Physical Auto Defense
Effect: Automatically defends physical attacks from enemies.
Levels: 35 Sec / 31.5 Sec / 28 Sec / 26.25 Sec / 24.5 Sec / 22.75 Sec / 21 Sec
Badge Count: 40
See: Physical Auto Defense for more details

Mirrage Arte Badges

Cooldown Time Reduction

Sophie Cooldown Time Reduction Badge

Badge: Cooldown Time Reduction
Effect: Reduces Mirrage Arte user's badge cooldown time.
Levels: 1x / 1.1x / 1.2x / 1.25x / 1.3x / 1.35x / 1.4x
Badge Count: 43
See: Cooldown Time Reduction for more details

HP Recovery

Caius HP Recovery Badge

Badge: HP Recovery
Effect: Recovers Mirrage Arte user's HP.
Levels: 1x / 1.1x / 1.2x / 1.25x / 1.3x / 1.35x / 1.4x
Badge Count: 35
See: HP Recovery for more details


Asbel Status Badge

Badge: Status
Effect: Reduced Status Ailment Time for Party.
Levels: 1x / 1.1x / 1.2x / 1.25x / 1.3x / 1.35x / 1.4x
Badge Count: 48
See: Status for more details

Ratio Increase

Veigue Ratio Increase Badge

Badge: Ratio Increase
Effect: Mirrage Ratio Slightly Increased.
Levels: 1x / 1.1x / 1.2x / 1.25x / 1.3x / 1.35x / 1.4x
Badge Count: 31
See: Ratio Increase for more details

MG Gambling

Kor MG Gambling Badge

Badge: MG Gambling
Effect: Chance to recover 30 MG from Mirrages.
Levels: 1x / 1.1x / 1.2x / 1.25x / 1.3x / 1.35x / 1.4x
Badge Count: 29
See: MG Gambling for more details


Badge Trade

There are two ways to trade badges, Random Trade and Mutual Friend Trade.

Random Trade

Each player has two Random Trade slots. For 5000 gald, a player can put a badge up for trade, which will be swapped for another player's Random Trade badge.

Mutual Friend Trade

Each player has three Mutual Friend Trade slots. Multiples of the same badge can be traded using these slots. For 5000 gald per copy of the badge, a player can put a badge up for trade and request up to three badges they would like to receive in return. If multiple copies are put up for trade, multiple types or multiple copies of the same type can be received in the trade.

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