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Turtlez Shop[]

The Turtlez Shop is an area where players can exchange their PrismPrisms for various equipment and other items.




From any screen where the bottom navigation bar is visible, tap on 売却・交換 (Sell/Exchange), and then on かめにんショップ (Kamenin Shop/Turtlez Shop). From there, a list of all available characters to purchase things for will be shown, as seen in the Interface section below.
When first starting out, three characters' portraits in this list will be dimmed out, and their equipment will not be able to be purchased yet.  See the Characters section of this page for more details.
Note that Crossover Characters will not appear in this list outside of the duration for their event, and even then the only items available for purchase will be costumes.


Turtlez Shop Interface
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By default, characters are sorted by series and all are listed. If you would like to exclude a particular series, the button on the upper right will give you the option to do so.
Tapping on a character will bring up a list of items that can be purchased. You may sometimes see certain characters marked with a 期間限定/Limited Time Offer. This indicates a special limited time offer, which may include costumes or a discount on the character's equipment.

Available Items[]

Below is a list of items available for purchase, with standard prices listed when applicable:

  • Character weapons
    • The first purchase of a 3★ weapon is Prism400, and Prism200 for copies after that.
    • The first purchase of a 4★ weapon is Prism1200, and Prism600 for copies after that.
    • The first purchase of a special 4★ weapon is Prism5000, and Prism2500 for copies after that.
    • 5★ weapons are not available in the Turtlez Shop, with a few exceptions.
  • Nexus Shards
    • Nexus Shard I costs Prism3000
    • Nexus Shard II costs Prism50,000
  • Reward Mirrages: Prism100
    • If you already own the character's Reward Mirrage, it will not be available for purchase.
  • Costumes (limited time availability)
    • Price varies.
  • Music: Prism5000
  • Posters (limited character availability): Prism300

Purchasing anything in the Turtlez Shop awards the user with Turtlez Points, which are used to recruit special characters that are not otherwise available elsewhere. For more information on this, see the Characters section below.


When you buy things from the Turtlez Shop, there is a gauge in the upper left of the screen that will increase. This signifies the amount of Turtlez Points a player has accumulated. Tapping on the gauge will show a numerical value, as well as the characters available to be recruited. Currently, there are three characters that can be recruited this way, for 100,000 Turtlez Points each:

-thumbnail- Dark Turtlez.png Dark Turtlez
-thumbnail- Phoenix.png Phoenix
-thumbnail- Lippy.png Lippy

Once recruited, access is granted to purchase the respective character's equipment. These characters differ in what equipment is available for them:

  • Unlike other characters, their Standard Mirrage is available for Prism30,000.  Additional copies used to Limit Boost it are Prism15,000. These characters have no Reward Mirrage, similar to Crossover Characters.
  • Their 5★ Mirrage Gear is available for Prism20,000 the first time, and Prism10,000 after that.
  • All other items are identical to the list further up the page.

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