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Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Aifread's Treasures
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Bridal Stories Event Quests Sparkling Fireworks in the Night Sky

Time Period Arc 3: Fairy's Requiem
Quest Type Collection Event
New Characters Chat & Patty
Ft. Characters Judith & Flynn
Event Duration Jul 31, 2019
Aug 12, 2019


In this limited-time event you can recruit Chat from Tales of Eternia and Patty from Tales of Vesperia. Collect the Event Currency -thumbnail- Rusted Coin.png Rusted Coin, -thumbnail- Aifread Coin.png Aifread Coin & -thumbnail- Biqe Coin.png Biqe Coin by clearing the event stages. Check the Trading Spot to exchange for a variety of items!


There are quests accompanied with skits that must be completed to unlock the event proper. Chat and Patty are recruited on the 10th stage with his Reward Mirrage.

The 11th stage is the primary source collection stage of Aifread Coins. The 12th stage is the primary source collection stage for Biqe Coins. The majority of the event will be spent here, then spending obtained currency in the Trading Spots. Two notable rewards from the shop are Chat and Patty's event exclusive weapons Wonder Bag and Jupiter.


Icon Details Icon Details
-profile- Chat.png Character: Chat
Anima Sync: -anima sync- Green.png Green
From: Tales of Eternia
-profile- Patty.png Character: Patty
Anima Sync: -anima sync- Green.png Green
From: Tales of Vesperia
-profile- Judith.png Character: Judith
Anima Sync: -anima sync- Green.png Green
From: Tales of Vesperia
-profile- Flynn.png Character: Flynn
Anima Sync: -anima sync- Green.png Green
From: Tales of Vesperia

Newly Introduced

-awakened profile- Chat.png
-mirrage game- Van Eltia's Captain.png-mirrage game- Pirate of Celestia.png-weapon game- Treasure in Hand Chat.png-weapon game- Wonder Bag.png -vanity game- Summer Pirates Chat.png-vanity game- Beach Bag Chat.png
-awakened profile- Patty.png
-mirrage game- Prepared to Shoot a Comrade.png-mirrage game- Adventurer of Terca Lumireis.png-weapon game- Emotional Girl Patty.png -vanity game- Southern Rainbow Patty.png
-awakened profile- Judith.png
-mirrage game- Swimming in the Warm Sea.png-weapon game- Beach Mermaid Judith.png -vanity game- Sexy Marine Bikini Judith.png
-awakened profile- Flynn.png
-mirrage game- Swimming Race Conclusion.png-weapon game- Relaxed Knight Flynn.png -vanity game- Knight on the Beach Flynn.png


Icon Name Icon Name
-currency game- Rusted Coin.png Rusted Coin
-currency game- Aifread Coin.png Aifread Coin
-currency game- Biqe Coin.png Biqe Coin
- -


Main Scenario Chapters
Arc 1: Tales of the Rays

Prologue: A Land of Beginnings and Light
Ch. 1: A World of Blastia and Barriers
Ch. 2: A World of Cryas and Eleth
Ch. 3: A World of Prophecy and Fonon
Ch. 4: A World of Legends and Hope
Ch. 5: A World of People and Spirits
Ch. 6: A World of Four Heroes and God Eyes
Ch. 7: Two Worlds of Craymels
Ch. 8: A World of Heroes and Lenses: Pt. 1

Ch. 8: A World of Heroes and Lenses: Pt. 2
Ch. 9: A World of Mana and the Two Chosen: Pt. 1
Ch. 9: A World of Mana and the Two Chosen: Pt. 2
Ch. 10: A World of Legends & Origins
Ch. 11: A World of History and Myth
Ch. 12: A Guidepost of Shimmer and Chaos
Ch. 13: A Consequence of Truth and Betrayal
Final Chapter Pt. 1: Lies and Truth: World of Deception
Final Chapter Pt. 2: Lies and Truth: Entrusted Feelings

Arc 2: Mirrage Prison

Ch. 1: The Mirrist in Black and Eyepatch Mirrite
Ch. 2: The Captive Boy and Abducted Girl
Ch. 3: The Targeted Man and Childish Girl
Ch. 4: The Masked Boy Who Bears Hatred
Ch. 5: The Dark Wolf That Smolders
Ch. 6: The Atoning Hero and Remorseful Chosen

Ch. 7: The Demon Eye Wielder Unleashed
Ch. 8: The Boy Fighting Back and Confrontational Somatic
Ch. 9: The Shepherd Clad in Azure Power
Ch. 10: The Knight Who Abides By His Code
Ch. 11: The One Who Harbors Life's Cry Without Hesitation
Ch. 12: The Knight With a Heart of Justice - End and Beginning

Arc 3: Fairy's Requiem

Ch. 1: The Masked Man Working in the Shadows
Ch. 2: The Spirit that Unites the Unraveling World
Ch. 3: The Pact and Awakening of a New Power
Ch. 4: The Lord of Spirits & Remnants of Maxwell
Ch. 5: The Link Between Mirrist and Mirrite
Ch. 6: The Destined Reunion
Ch. 7: The Bloody and the Sacred Flame
Ch. 8: The Oath of Friendship
Ch. 9: The Bonds of Spiria

Ch. 10: The Awakening
Ch. 11: The Mirrite's Grief
Ch. 12: Motives Entangled
Ch. 13: The Boy Who Glimmers with Quiet Resolve
Ch. 14: The Flame of Revival
Ch. 15: Sound that Portends Death and Life
Ch. 16: Lord of a Fallen Nation - The Cursebreaking Silver Arm
Ch. 16 Pt. 2: Lord of the Fallen Kingdom - The Future in Hand

Arc 4: Last Cradle

Ch. 1: Beginning to Return
Ch. 2: The War Over the Demon Eye
Ch. 3: The Blazing Eye
Ch. 4: Mirrite's Desires
Ch. 5: The Loyal Swordsman
Ch. 6: The Created Spirit
Ch. 7: Entrusted Memories
Ch. 8: The Odious Mark
Ch. 9: Shadows Stirring in the Din
Ch. 10: Concerto of Resurrection

Ch. 11: Revenge Underway
Ch. 12: Standing on the Brink of Calamity
Ch. 13: Shepherd Seated in Heaven
Ch. 14: The Defiance of the Dead
Ch. 15: Balor's Vanguard
Ch. 16: Fire Pillar of Sacrifice
Ch. 17: Rebellion Against God
Ch. 18: Wavering Bridge to Heaven
Ch. 19: The Reborn's Choice

Character Release Events
Arc 1: Tales of the Rays

Event 01: Mieu's Big Adventure
Event 02: Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods
Event 03: The Lord of Spirits & Friends
Event 04: WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys
Event 05: The Distorted Kaleidoscope
Event 06: Saga of Destiny
Event 07: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Roofus & The Savior
Event 08: Fervid Swimming: Medley Relay
Event 09: The Seven Terrors of Tir Na Nog

Event 10: The Great Coliseum Revival
Event 11: Joyful Nor Doll
Event 12: Spirit Clash - Fire Showdown
Event 13: Tir Na Nog Festival
Event 14: EX-clipse: Live from Ark
Event 15: Off-Season Holiday - A Very Kresnik Christmas
Event 16: THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage Crossover
Event 17: It's New Year's! - Brave Vesperia
Event 18: It's Still New Year's! Exorcist's Conviction

Arc 2: Mirrage Prison

Event 01: Customer Rush - Booming Business Chronicle
Event 02: Tir Na Nog Valentine's ~Chocolate~
Event 03: Raid Battle - Mithos Yggdrasill
Event 04: Tir Na Nog White Day - The Debt of Sweets
Event 05: Springtime Thanksgiving Festival in Ark
Event 06: Spirit Clash - Ice Showdown
Event 07: Good Luck Hubert! - Creating the First Fragrance
Event 08: Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Crossover
Event 09: Bienfu's Frenzied Wedding Plan
Event 10: The Great Coliseum Revival: Tales of the Stage

Event 11: Raid Battle - Barbatos Goetia
Event 12: Spirit Clash - Water Showdown
Event 13: Summer Memories ~Just This Summer~
Event 14: Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Crossover
Event 15: The Fire Seraph and Normin Summer Festival
Event 16: Spirit Clash - Wind Showdown
Event 17: Moon-Viewing Live in Tir Na Nog
Event 18: The Great Coliseum Revival: Snowy Town
Event 19: Tir Na Nog Halloween Battle or Treat
Event 20: Spirit Clash - Earth Showdown

Arc 3: Fairy's Requiem

Event 01: Tir Na Nog Christmas - Brave Vesperia
Event 02:THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Crossover
Event 03: Tir Na Nog New Years - Never Forget Your Graces
Event 04: Tir Na Nog - Ninja Scrolls
Event 05: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - True Feelings
Event 06: God Eater Resonant Ops Crossover
Event 07: Raid Battle - Dhaos
Event 08: Journey of Link
Event 09: Tir Na Nog White Day - Best Plan
Event 10: Spirit Gear - Ix & Mileena
Event 11: Raid Battle - Elrane
Event 12: Cherry Trees & The Vagabond of the Wind
Event 13: Casino Midnight
Event 14: Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Crossover Rerun
Event 15: Swordian Master: Chaltier's Hardships
Event 16: Star Ocean: Anamnesis Crossover
Event 17: Bridal Stories
Event 18: Raid Battle - Duke Pantarei
Event 19: Spirit Gear - Stahn & Leon & Veigue
Event 20: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Aifread's Treasures
Event 21: Sparkling Fireworks in the Night Sky
Event 22: Weaver of Time & Guide of Nothingness
Event 23: Autumn School Festival
Event 24: Spirit Gear - Emil & Sophie & Kyle
Event 25: Raid Battle - Lazaris
Event 26: Resounding Callegea Music Festival
Event 27: Tir Na Nog Halloween - Trick or Treasure
Event 28: Spirit Gear - Kor & Estelle & Velvet

Event 29: Eternal Love and the Miracle of Bonds
Event 30: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Holy Night's Gift
Event 31: Return of Formidable Foes - Mithos & Barbatos
Event 32: Raid Battle - Creed
Event 33: Gintama x Tales of the Rays Part 1
Event 34: Gintama x Tales of the Rays Part 2
Event 35: Spirit Gear - Cress & Mint & Reala
Event 36: The Great Coliseum is Open! Heated Dream Match
Event 37: God Eater Resonant Ops Crossover Rerun
Event 38: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - Servant and Chocolate
Event 39: Raid Battle - Little Queen
Event 40: Spirit Gear - Sorey & Rose & Alisha
Event 41: Wandering Spirit of the Great Tree
Event 42: An Easter Celebration to Start Spring Off
Event 43: Raid Battle - Shigure
Event 44: Blooming Bonds in a Foreign Country
Event 45: Spirit Gear - Lloyd & Colette & Kohaku
Event 46: TalesM@ster Cinderella Girls: HappyHappyTwin☆
Event 47: Raid Battle - Nebilim
Event 48: The Two Stars Story - Pandemonium Nights
Event 49: The First Rays of Festival
Event 50: Seaside Mirage
Event 51: Night Pool - Ines's Grand Strategy
Event 52: Wish Upon The River of Stars
Event 53: Spirit Gear - Yuri & Flynn & Repede
Event 54: .hack//G.U. Glorious Unreality
Event 55: Happy Happening Wedding
Event 56: Hunting Showdown: Leaf Shaking Shock

Arc 4: Last Cradle

Event 01: Spirit Gear - Pasca & Earhart & Grassvalley
Event 02: Overseer Rescue Plan - Unchanging Feelings for Friends
Event 03: Slayers Collaboration Part 1
Event 04: Slayers Collaboration Part 2
Event 05: The Second Rays of Festival
Event 06: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Ivar's Top Secret Mission
Event 07: Spirit Gear - Asbel & Cheria & Richard
Event 08: Overseer Rescue Plan - What was Sworn upon These Hands
Event 09: Overseer Rescue Plan - Following the Heart and Soul
Event 10: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III - Labyrinth of Recollection
Event 11: Spirit Gear - Dhaos & Barbatos & Gaius
Event 12: Raid Battle - Magnadeus
Event 13: BEAT LINKS -Future Miracles-
Event 14: The Third Rays of Festival
Event 15: Dwarf Star Bleeding Through the Void
Event 16: Black Clover - Bonds Put to the Test
Event 17: Black Clover - Beyond the Limit
Event 18: Spirit Gear - Jude & Milla Maxwell & Leia
Event 19: A Melody Played in the Abyss
Event 20: Raid Battle - Saleh
Event 21: The Great Coliseum is Open! Turbulent Tag Battle
Event 22: Spirit Gear - Kocis & Caius & Senel
Event 23: Star Festival That Brings Hearts Together
Event 24: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Wind and Waves Beach Resort
Event 25: The Fourth Rays of Festival
Event 26: Floats! Fireworks! Frenzied Summer Festival!
Event 27: Spirit Gear - Ruca & Illia & Ricardo
Event 28: GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Loop of Despair
Event 29: GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Break the Nightmare
Event 30: Raid Battle - Heldalf

Event 31:Tir Na Nog Halloween - TRICK or ARISE
Event 32: Spirit Gear - Luke & Asch & Sync
Event 33: Orchestra That Excites the Soul
Event 34: Raid Battle - Artorius
Event 35: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Running Deliveryman on the Holy Night
Event 36: The Fifth Rays of Festival
Event 37: The Revived Mage and The King of the Underworld
Event 38: Spirit Gear - Reid & Ludger & Julius
Event 39: TIGER & BUNNY Hero Carnival
Event 40: Tir Na Nog New Year's - Liberators' New Year
Event 41: Raid Battle - Gaius
Event 42: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - The Icy Saint and The Innocent Girl
Event 43: Magical Circle Guru Guru - Resound! Heart Magic!
Event 44: The Mirrists' Anniversary
Event 45: A Wonderful Day -Linking Continual Feelings-
Event 46: Bosses' Revelry -Advent of Yggdrasill-
Event 47: The Sixth Rays of Festival
Event 48: Raid Battle - Miktran
Event 49: Bosses' Revelry -Advent of Final Form Dhaos-
Event 50: The Bifrost Holy Knights' Party
Event 51: Gintama x Tales of the Rays 2
Event 52: Heroes' Destination -TOD2-
Event 53: Spirit Gear - Alphen & Shionne & Rita
Event 54: Welcome to Tirug Land -A Guide from Another World-
Event 55: Welcome to Tirug Land -Lights and Stars Parade-
Event 56: Moonlit Phantom Thieves and The Mirrist Detective
Event 57: Heroes' Destination -TOS-
Event 58: The Light Between the Waves
Event 59: Crossover Tag Festival
Event 60: Heroes' Destination -TOHR-
Event 61: Spirit Gear - Farah & Shirley & Elize