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The Rays of Festival is a voting event for you to show support for your favorite characters and get them a Crossover Mirrage!

How to Participate

This event is held in two parts. The three groups that receive the most points in the first part will receive Crossover Mirrages at the next Rays of Festival. In the second part, everyone cooperates to collect enough points to guarantee the other three groups get Crossover Mirrages later on as well.

  • Note that after participating, you will not be able to change your selected groups that day.

There is no limit to how often you can attempt the event each day.

As you Participate, you earn Vote Points, which is added towards your selected groups. Depending on their place, they receive varying degrees of support. You can select up to three groups to support from the total six.

  • Group one receives 100% of your total Points.
  • Group two receives 50%.
  • Group three receives 30%.

The Current Festival


Each attempt starts with a points value of 1000. The Vote Points are then multiplied by the player's selected Combat Condition (battle modifiers that make the fight harder or easier, with a potential bonus of 100%) and Festival equipment bonus (up to 18% for featured Mirrage Gears, and up to 45% for featured Crossover Mirrages) before being added to the selected groups.

Additionally, Vote Points contribute towards Cumulative Best Vote Points. The best runs of each day of the Festival are added together and scored in a points accumulation system, similar to raids.

Previous Festivals

7/22/2020 - 7/31/2020

First Rays of Festival Groups - Shared Arte
Place Pairs Icon Arte Name
1 Leia & Alisha -vote- Leia & Alisha.png Soulstoke Celebration
2 Malik & Loni -vote- Malik & Loni.png Tremorous Celestial Sundering Shredding Light of Cyclonic Butchery
3 Estelle & Philia -vote- Estelle & Philia.png Sacred Penance
4 Cress & Kohaku -vote- Cress & Kohaku.png Final Fury
5 Luke & Eugene -vote- Luke & Eugene.png Light Blast
6 Reid & Sheena -vote- Reid & Sheena.png Quasi Seal

Newly Introduced

-awakened profile- Ruca.png
-mirrage game- Encounter Bound to Happen, Once Again.png-weapon game- Reincarnated Boy Ruca.png
-awakened profile- Spada.png
-mirrage game- Encounter Bound to Happen, Once Again.png-weapon game- Belforma Family's Valiance Spada.png
-awakened profile- Edna.png
-mirrage game- Brother and Sister's Promise.png-weapon game- Seraphim that Watches Over Edna.png
-awakened profile- Eizen.png
-mirrage game- Brother and Sister's Promise.png-weapon game- In Control of His Own Rudder Eizen.png
-awakened profile- Lloyd.png
-mirrage game- Those Who Take Flight.png
-awakened profile- Mithos.png
-mirrage game- Those Who Take Flight.png

12/10/2020 - 12/20/2020

Second Rays of Festival Groups - Shared Fate
Place Pairs Icon
1 Leon & Judas -vote- Leon & Judas.png
2 Ludger & Victor -vote- Ludger & Victor.png
3 Ion & Sync -vote- Ion & Sync.png
4 Sophie & Little Queen -vote- Sophie & Little Queen.png
5 Milla Maxwell & Milla -vote- Milla Maxwell & Milla.png
6 Kor & Creed -vote- Kor & Creed.png

Newly Introduced

-awakened profile- Leia.png
-mirrage game- Twin Stars of Spirit and Dreams.png-weapon game- Big Yawn Leia.png
-awakened profile- Alisha.png
-mirrage game- Twin Stars of Spirit and Dreams.png
-awakened profile- Malik.png
-mirrage game- Full Blast Machismo.png-weapon game- Detective Suit Malik.png
-awakened profile- Loni.png
-mirrage game- Full Blast Machismo.png-weapon game- Thunderous Halberdier Loni.png
-awakened profile- Estelle.png
-mirrage game- Pure Prayer Shining Light.png-weapon game- Smile Blooming in a Field of Flowers Estelle.png
-awakened profile- Philia.png
-mirrage game- Pure Prayer Shining Light.png

3/11/2021 - 3/21/2021

Third Rays of Festival Groups - Family
Place Pairs Icon
1 Asbel & Hubert -vote- Asbel & Hubert.png
2 Stahn & Kyle -vote- Stahn & Kyle.png
3 Rokurou & Shigure -vote- Rokurou & Shigure.png
4 Lilith & Rimul -vote- Lilith & Rimul.png
5 Genis & Raine -vote- Genis & Raine.png
6 Hisui & Kohaku -vote- Hisui & Kohaku.png

Newly Introduced

-awakened profile- Leon.png
-mirrage game- Converging Destinies.png-weapon game- Distant Knight Captain Leon.png
-awakened profile- Judas.png
-mirrage game- Converging Destinies.png-weapon game- Black-garbed Swordsman Judas.png
-awakened profile- Ludger.png
-mirrage game- Two Deciding the Future.png-weapon game- Together with His Partner Ludger.png
-awakened profile- Victor.png
-mirrage game- Two Deciding the Future.png
-awakened profile- Ion.png
-mirrage game- Respective Daathic Fonic Artes.png
-awakened profile- Sync.png
-mirrage game- Respective Daathic Fonic Artes.png-weapon game- Deep Green Gale Sync.png

7/31/2021 - 8/04/2021

Fourth Rays of Festival Groups - Sympathy
Place Pairs Icon
1 Yuri & Flynn -vote- Yuri & Flynn.png
2 Elize & Arietta -vote- Elize & Arietta.png
3 Eleanor & Cheria -vote- Eleanor & Cheria.png
4 Pascal & Harold -vote- Pascal & Harold.png
5 Suzu & Sheena -vote- Suzu & Sheena.png
6 Ange & Rowen -vote- Ange & Rowen.png

Newly Introduced

-awakened profile- Asbel.png
-mirrage game- With Sword and Bullets.png
-awakened profile- Hubert.png
-mirrage game- With Sword and Bullets.png-weapon game- Strahtan Major Hubert.png
-awakened profile- Stahn.png
-mirrage game- Both Wings of the Phoenix.png-weapon game- Armed with the Sword of Fire Stahn.png
-awakened profile- Kyle.png
-mirrage game- Both Wings of the Phoenix.png-weapon game- Gale Swordsman Kyle.png
-awakened profile- Rokurou.png
-mirrage game- Inevitable Deathmatch.png
-awakened profile- Shigure.png
-mirrage game- Inevitable Deathmatch.png-weapon game- Head of the Rangetsu Family Shigure.png-weapon game- Wielding Stormhowl Shigure.png

11/22/2021 - 11/30/2021

Fifth Rays of Festival Groups - Boost Strikes
Place Pairs Icon Arte
1 Alphen & Cress -vote- Alphen & Cress.png Lightning Tiger Blade
2 Shionne & Lailah -vote- Shionne & Lailah.png Red Hot Burning Strike
3 Rinwell & Karia N -vote- Rinwell & Karia N.png Frozen Hammer
4 Dohalim & Gaius -vote- Dohalim & Gaius.png Impact Cross
5 Kisara & Guy -vote- Kisara & Guy.png Obelisk Blade
6 Law & Chloe -vote- Law & Chloe.png Twin Heavenly Swallow

Newly Introduced

-awakened profile- Yuri.png
-mirrage game- Downtown Childhood Friends.png -vanity game- Fedrock Knight's Spirit Yuri.png-vanity game- Fedrock Knight's Sword Yuri.png
-awakened profile- Flynn.png
-mirrage game- Downtown Childhood Friends.png -vanity game- Fedrock Knight's Reason Flynn.png-vanity game- Fedrock Knight's Sword Flynn.png
-awakened profile- Cheria.png
-mirrage game- Supreme Skewer.png-weapon game- Pure White Lady Cheria.png
-awakened profile- Eleanor.png
-mirrage game- Supreme Skewer.png
-awakened profile- Arietta.png
-mirrage game- Together with Friends!.png-weapon game- Beastmaster Arietta.png-weapon game- Preparing for the Duel Arietta.png
-awakened profile- Elize.png
-mirrage game- Together with Friends!.png-weapon game- My Precious Friend Elize.png

3/21/2022 - 3/31/2022

Sixth Rays of Festival Groups - Opposed Paths
Place Pairs Icon
1 Tear & Legretta -vote- Tear & Legretta.png
2 Reid & Rassius -vote- Reid & Rassius.png
3 Kanonno Grassvalley & Lazaris -vote- Kanonno Grassvalley & Lazaris.png
4 Emil & Richter -vote- Emil & Richter.png
5 Senel & Walter -vote- Senel & Walter.png
6 Dymlos & Barbatos -vote- Dymlos & Barbatos.png

Newly Introduced

-awakened profile- Alphen.png
-mirrage game- Thunder of the Heroes.png-weapon game- Break Down the Wall Alphen.png
-awakened profile- Cress.png
-mirrage game- Thunder of the Heroes.png-weapon game- Anniversary Formalwear Cress.png
-awakened profile- Shionne.png
-mirrage game- Flame Handling Ladies.png-weapon game- Secret Held Within Her Heart Shionne.png
-awakened profile- Lailah.png
-mirrage game- Flame Handling Ladies.png-weapon game- Dancing Pirate Lailah.png
-awakened profile- Rinwell.png
-mirrage game- Gathering Chill.png-weapon game- Dearest Friend Rinwell.png
-awakened profile- Karia N.png
-mirrage game- Gathering Chill.png-weapon game- 5th Anniversary Karia.png
Character Release Events
Arc 1: Tales of the Rays

Event 01: Mieu's Big Adventure
Event 02: Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods
Event 03: The Lord of Spirits & Friends
Event 04: WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys
Event 05: The Distorted Kaleidoscope
Event 06: Saga of Destiny
Event 07: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Roofus & The Savior
Event 08: Fervid Swimming: Medley Relay
Event 09: The Seven Terrors of Tir Na Nog

Event 10: The Great Coliseum Revival
Event 11: Joyful Nor Doll
Event 12: Spirit Clash - Fire Showdown
Event 13: Tir Na Nog Festival
Event 14: EX-clipse: Live from Ark
Event 15: Off-Season Holiday - A Very Kresnik Christmas
Event 16: THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage Crossover
Event 17: It's New Year's! - Brave Vesperia
Event 18: It's Still New Year's! Exorcist's Conviction

Arc 2: Mirrage Prison

Event 01: Customer Rush - Booming Business Chronicle
Event 02: Tir Na Nog Valentine's ~Chocolate~
Event 03: Raid Battle - Mithos Yggdrasill
Event 04: Tir Na Nog White Day - The Debt of Sweets
Event 05: Springtime Thanksgiving Festival in Ark
Event 06: Spirit Clash - Ice Showdown
Event 07: Good Luck Hubert! - Creating the First Fragrance
Event 08: Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Crossover
Event 09: Bienfu's Frenzied Wedding Plan
Event 10: The Great Coliseum Revival: Tales of the Stage

Event 11: Raid Battle - Barbatos Goetia
Event 12: Spirit Clash - Water Showdown
Event 13: Summer Memories ~Just This Summer~
Event 14: Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Crossover
Event 15: The Fire Seraph and Normin Summer Festival
Event 16: Spirit Clash - Wind Showdown
Event 17: Moon-Viewing Live in Tir Na Nog
Event 18: The Great Coliseum Revival: Snowy Town
Event 19: Tir Na Nog Halloween Battle or Treat
Event 20: Spirit Clash - Earth Showdown

Arc 3: Fairy's Requiem

Event 01: Tir Na Nog Christmas - Brave Vesperia
Event 02:THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Crossover
Event 03: Tir Na Nog New Years - Never Forget Your Graces
Event 04: Tir Na Nog - Ninja Scrolls
Event 05: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - True Feelings
Event 06: God Eater Resonant Ops Crossover
Event 07: Raid Battle - Dhaos
Event 08: Journey of Link
Event 09: Tir Na Nog White Day - Best Plan
Event 10: Spirit Gear - Ix & Mileena
Event 11: Raid Battle - Elrane
Event 12: Cherry Trees & The Vagabond of the Wind
Event 13: Casino Midnight
Event 14: Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Crossover Rerun
Event 15: Swordian Master: Chaltier's Hardships
Event 16: Star Ocean: Anamnesis Crossover
Event 17: Bridal Stories
Event 18: Raid Battle - Duke Pantarei
Event 19: Spirit Gear - Stahn & Leon & Veigue
Event 20: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Aifread's Treasures
Event 21: Sparkling Fireworks in the Night Sky
Event 22: Weaver of Time & Guide of Nothingness
Event 23: Autumn School Festival
Event 24: Spirit Gear - Emil & Sophie & Kyle
Event 25: Raid Battle - Lazaris
Event 26: Resounding Callegea Music Festival
Event 27: Tir Na Nog Halloween - Trick or Treasure
Event 28: Spirit Gear - Kor & Estelle & Velvet

Event 29: Eternal Love and the Miracle of Bonds
Event 30: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Holy Night's Gift
Event 31: Return of Formidable Foes - Mithos & Barbatos
Event 32: Raid Battle - Creed
Event 33: Gintama x Tales of the Rays Part 1
Event 34: Gintama x Tales of the Rays Part 2
Event 35: Spirit Gear - Cress & Mint & Reala
Event 36: The Great Coliseum is Open! Heated Dream Match
Event 37: God Eater Resonant Ops Crossover Rerun
Event 38: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - Servant and Chocolate
Event 39: Raid Battle - Little Queen
Event 40: Spirit Gear - Sorey & Rose & Alisha
Event 41: Wandering Spirit of the Great Tree
Event 42: An Easter Celebration to Start Spring Off
Event 43: Raid Battle - Shigure
Event 44: Blooming Bonds in a Foreign Country
Event 45: Spirit Gear - Lloyd & Colette & Kohaku
Event 46: TalesM@ster Cinderella Girls: HappyHappyTwin☆
Event 47: Raid Battle - Nebilim
Event 48: The Two Stars Story - Pandemonium Nights
Event 49: The First Rays of Festival
Event 50: Seaside Mirage
Event 51: Night Pool - Ines's Grand Strategy
Event 52: Wish Upon The River of Stars
Event 53: Spirit Gear - Yuri & Flynn & Repede
Event 54: .hack//G.U. Glorious Unreality
Event 55: Happy Happening Wedding
Event 56: Hunting Showdown: Leaf Shaking Shock

Arc 4: Last Cradle

Event 01: Spirit Gear - Pasca & Earhart & Grassvalley
Event 02: Overseer Rescue Plan - Unchanging Feelings for Friends
Event 03: Slayers Collaboration Part 1
Event 04: Slayers Collaboration Part 2
Event 05: The Second Rays of Festival
Event 06: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Ivar's Top Secret Mission
Event 07: Spirit Gear - Asbel & Cheria & Richard
Event 08: Overseer Rescue Plan - What was Sworn upon These Hands
Event 09: Overseer Rescue Plan - Following the Heart and Soul
Event 10: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III - Labyrinth of Recollection
Event 11: Spirit Gear - Dhaos & Barbatos & Gaius
Event 12: Raid Battle - Magnadeus
Event 13: BEAT LINKS -Future Miracles-
Event 14: The Third Rays of Festival
Event 15: Dwarf Star Bleeding Through the Void
Event 16: Black Clover - Bonds Put to the Test
Event 17: Black Clover - Beyond the Limit
Event 18: Spirit Gear - Jude & Milla Maxwell & Leia
Event 19: A Melody Played in the Abyss
Event 20: Raid Battle - Saleh
Event 21: The Great Coliseum is Open! Turbulent Tag Battle
Event 22: Spirit Gear - Kocis & Caius & Senel
Event 23: Star Festival That Brings Hearts Together
Event 24: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Wind and Waves Beach Resort
Event 25: The Fourth Rays of Festival
Event 26: Floats! Fireworks! Frenzied Summer Festival!

Event 27: Spirit Gear - Ruca & Illia & Ricardo
Event 28: GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Loop of Despair
Event 29: GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Break the Nightmare
Event 30: Raid Battle - Heldalf
Event 31:Tir Na Nog Halloween - TRICK or ARISE
Event 32: Spirit Gear - Luke & Asch & Sync
Event 33: Orchestra That Excites the Soul
Event 34: Raid Battle - Artorius
Event 35: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Running Deliveryman on the Holy Night
Event 36: The Fifth Rays of Festival
Event 37: The Revived Mage and The King of the Underworld
Event 38: Spirit Gear - Reid & Ludger & Julius
Event 39: TIGER & BUNNY Hero Carnival
Event 40: Tir Na Nog New Year's - Liberators' New Year
Event 41: Raid Battle - Gaius
Event 42: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - The Icy Saint and The Innocent Girl
Event 43: Magical Circle Guru Guru - Resound! Heart Magic!
Event 44: The Mirrists' Anniversary
Event 45: A Wonderful Day -Linking Continual Feelings-
Event 46: Bosses' Revelry -Advent of Yggdrasill-
Event 47: The Sixth Rays of Festival
Event 48: Raid Battle - Miktran
Event 49: Bosses' Revelry -Advent of Final Form Dhaos-
Event 50: The Bifrost Holy Knights' Party
Event 51: Gintama x Tales of the Rays 2
Event 52: Heroes' Destination -TOD2-