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Tales of the Rays: Last Cradle
テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ ラスト クレイドル
An RPG About Approaching the Power of the Truth
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.hack//G.U. Glorious Unreality
-event- .hack G.U. Glorious Unreality.png

Featured Characters: Haseo, Atoli, Emil, Malik & Rose
Anima Sync: -anima sync- All Type.png All Type
Event Period: Jul 22, 2021 ~ Aug 3, 2021
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  Mirrage Gears
-weapon game- Albert Style Swordsmanship Master Van.png -weapon game- First-class Martial Artist Peony.png -weapon game- A Summer to Pig Out Karia.png -weapon game- Refreshing Spritz Colette.png -weapon game- Just Before a Swim Richter.png -weapon game- Reticent Traveler Richter.png -weapon game- Ferocious Tooth of the White Lions Fang.png -weapon game- Ardent Talon of the White Lions Claw.png -weapon game- Thunderous Howl of the White Lions Roar.png -weapon game- Clothed in the Darkness of Night The One That Leads to Ruin.png

-mirrage game- The Beginning of the Collapse.png -mirrage game- Imperial Presence.png -mirrage game- Having Fun Splashing Around.png -mirrage game- Walking on the Beach with You.png -mirrage game- Riding the Wind and Waves.png -mirrage game- Taking a Break in the Beach Hut.png -mirrage game- Recovered Bonds and Memories.png -mirrage game- Condemnation of the Guilty.png -mirrage game- Destined Rematch.png -mirrage game- Inversion Mission.png

-vanity game- Charisma Surfer Van.png -vanity game- Resort Emperor Peony.png -vanity game- Tropical Bikini Karia N.png -vanity game- Summerwear Colette.png -vanity game- Refreshing Swim Parka Emil.png -vanity game- Solitary Swimmer Richter.png -vanity game- Starting Outfit (The One That Leads to Ruin Version) Dark Kanonno.png

  Costume Accessory
-vanity game- Sunglasses Peony.png

  Character Page
-thumbnail- Van.png -thumbnail- Peony.png -thumbnail- Karia N.png -thumbnail- Colette.png -thumbnail- Emil.png -thumbnail- Richter.png -thumbnail- Fang.png -thumbnail- Claw.png -thumbnail- Roar.png -thumbnail- Dark Kanonno.png

Story Quest
Arc 4 Chapter 10: Concerto of Resurrection
-chapter- Concerto of Resurrection.png
Featured Characters: Van & Peony
Anima Sync: -anima sync- Yellow.png Yellow
Release Date: Jul 26, 2021
Weekly Quest Monthly Quest
Spirit Gear (Pasca Kanonno & Kanonno Earhart & Kanonno Grassvalley)
-event- Spirit Gear - Pasca Kanonno Kanonno Earhart Kanonno Grassvalley.png

Featured Characters: Pasca Kanonno, Kanonno Earhart & Kanonno Grassvalley
Anima Sync: -anima sync- All Type.png All Type
Quest Period: Jul 23, 2021 ~ Jul 30, 2021
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Spirit Fragment Collection
-event- Spirit Gear - None.png

Anima Sync: -anima sync- All Type.png All Type
Quest Period: Jun 5, 2020 ~

Tower of Ancient Progenitors (July)
-tower- July.png

Featured Characters: Kocis, Caius, Senel, Yeager, Gauche, Droite, Milla Maxwell & Loni
Tower Period: Jun 30, 2021 ~ Jul 31, 2021
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All-Out Battle Tower (Fire Edition)
-all-out tower- Fire Edition.png

Featured Characters: Presea, Nanaly, Sara, Guy, Claus, Mao, Gall & Forest
Tower Period: Jul 26, 2021 ~ Aug 15, 2021
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General Quests

Mechanics Gallery

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テイルズ オブ ザ レイズ
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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