Summary Edit

  • You can get up to ?? diamonds and ?? Gaius & Muzét Summons Tickets.
  • You will get Gaius and Muzét with their free Mirrage, at stage 10.

General Edit

General Informations
Story ????
Additional Informations Summer Memories ~Just This Summer and No Other~
Featured characters
Character Anima Sync Obtention Source
-profile- Gaius
-anima sync- Blue Event
Summer Memories
~Just This Summer and No Other~
Stage 10 - ??
-source- Tales of Xillia 2
-profile- Muzét
-anima sync- Blue Event
Summer Memories
~Just This Summer and No Other~
Stage 10 - ??
-source- Tales of Xillia 2

Missions & Exchange Market Edit

    Quests Edit

      Dates Edit

      # JP version WW version
      1 [07/31/18 14:00 JST - 08/15/2018 13:59 JST] N/A

      Character Release Events
      Arc 1: Tales of the Rays

      Event 01: Mieu's Big Adventure
      Event 02: Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods
      Event 03: The Lord of Spirits & Friends
      Event 04: WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys
      Event 05: The Distorted Kaleidoscope
      Event 06: Saga of Destiny
      Event 07: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Roofus & The Savior
      Event 08: Fervid Swimming: Medley Relay
      Event 09: The Seven Terrors of Tir Na Nog

      Event 10: The Great Coliseum Revival
      Event 11: Joyful Nor Doll
      Event 12: Spirit Clash - Fire Showdown
      Event 13: Tir Na Nog Festival
      Event 14: EX-clipse: Live from Ark
      Event 15: Off-Season Holiday - A Very Kresnik Christmas
      Event 16: THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage Crossover
      Event 17: It's New Year's! - Brave Vesperia
      Event 18: It's Still New Year's! Exorcist's Conviction

      Arc 2: Mirrage Prison

      Event 01: Customer Rush - Booming Business Chronicle
      Event 02: Tir Na Nog Valentine's ~Chocolate~
      Event 03: Raid Battle - Mithos Yggdrasill
      Event 04: Tir Na Nog White Day - The Debt of Sweets
      Event 05: Springtime Thanksgiving Festival in Ark
      Event 06: Spirit Clash - Ice Showdown
      Event 07: Good Luck Hubert! - Creating the First Fragrance
      Event 08: Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Crossover
      Event 09: Bienfu's Frenzied Wedding Plan
      Event 10: The Great Coliseum Revival: Tales of the Stage

      Event 11: Raid Battle - Barbatos Goetia
      Event 12: Spirit Clash - Water Showdown
      Event 13: Summer Memories ~Just This Summer~
      Event 14: Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Crossover
      Event 15: The Fire Seraph and Normin Summer Festival
      Event 16: Spirit Clash - Wind Showdown
      Event 17: Moon-Viewing Live in Tir Na Nog
      Event 18: The Great Coliseum Revival: Snowy Town
      Event 19: Tir Na Nog Halloween Battle or Treat
      Event 20: Spirit Clash - Earth Showdown

      Arc 3: Fairy's Requiem

      Event 01: Tir Na Nog Christmas - Brave Vesperia
      Event 02:THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Crossover
      Event 03: Tir Na Nog New Years - Never Forget Your Graces

      Event 04: Tir Na Nog - Ninja Scrolls
      Event 05: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - True Feelings
      Event 06: God Eater Resonant Ops Crossover