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Maintaining a Wiki isn't an easy undertaking, but thanks to our members spending as much time as they do, ours is a pretty great resource. If there are any concerns, questions, suggestions, or otherwise feel free to contact an administrator or other member through their preferred means of contact. The wiki is for everyone, so don't hesitate!


"Hi, I'm Yewfelle, co-owner and intermittent maintainer of the Rays wiki. I like to work on translating the tutorials for new mechanics and filling in missing information. If you have a request or a question just shoot me a message here or on Discord (same handle)." -mirrage game- Trick or Treat.png

-mirrage game- How to Be a Knight.png "Hullo. Kleissis here, Cillian on the Discord and the current co-owner and maintainer of the Tales of the Rays Wikia. I pretty much touch up everything on the Wikia as I see it. If there's anything out of sorts and you can't reach me on Discord, you can contact me here. I'm almost always on the wiki so it shouldn't be long before I get back to you!"

"'Sup. I'm kid. I've stepped down from actively updating this Wiki, but will continue to support those who want to contribute! Feel free to contact me on Discord or here if you notice anything looks off or wanted to suggest something." -mirrage game- Lake Epsilla's Weaponmaster.png

Major Contributors

-mirrage game- Moment at the Tea House.png "Yo! This is TotRvids. We make Tales of the Rays videos for references and archival purposes. You can contact us at totrvids@gmail.com or here on the wiki. Please give us some time to respond to any questions, comments, etc. Thanks!"

"Howdy! I'm ArkDelgato, and I've been helping maintain the wiki since midway through arc 3. The inner workings of the wiki are still pretty much witchcraft to me, but if you message me or the #wiki-discussion channel on the Discord, I'll try my darnedest to help you out!" -mirrage game- Distorted Ideology.png