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Spirit Outfit (Undine)
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Spirit Outfit (Undine) Estelle
Type Outfit
Series Spirit Gear
Release Spirit Gear - Kor & Estelle & Velvet
Release Date Nov 14, 2019
Character Estelle
Obtention Details
Method Location Notes
Spirit Gear Craft Costume Menu (Equipment)
Spirit Gear Summon Summon Series (Limited-Time)


Estelle's Costume List
Type Costumes
Outfits Starting OutfitRoyal WeddingNew Year's Shrine Visiting PrincessSpirit Outfit (Undine)Imperial Princess Outfit
Accessory Starting Accessory
Weapon Starting WeaponBrush Light Wand 2019 Type VRod (Undine)
Mirrage Cut-in Reward Mirrage Cut-inMirrage Cut-inSpirit Gear Cut-in
Estelle's Weapon & Arte List
Rarity Artes
-type- 3★.png
Basilard (Photon) • Morning Star (Star Stroke) • Wizard Horn (First Aid) •
-type- 4★.png
Grand Scepter V (Sharpness) • Iron Maiden (Pierce Cluster) • Kris Naga (Resist) •
-type- 5★.png
Devoted Princess Estelle (Holy Lance / Holy Lance Delight) • A Toast to Fortune Estelle (Holy Rain / Nightingale) • Smile Blooming in a Field of Flowers Estelle (Ray Sting / Angel Ring) •
-type- Mirrage.png
Healing Artes-User of Terca Lumireis (Marche Waltz) • Child of the Full Moon (Starlight Holy) • Luminous Gown (Star Sign - Grande) • Pure Prayer Shining Light (Sacred Penance) • To Walk the World Together (Exist Decision) •
-type- Spirit Gear.png
Wreathed in the Water's Purity (Undine Serenade) •