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Rebellion Against God
4部 第17章『神への叛逆』
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Fire Pillar of Sacrifice Story Quests Wavering Bridge to Heaven

Time Period Arc 4: Last Cradle
Quest Type Story Chapter
New Characters Asbel & Senel
Ft. Characters None
Release Date Apr 25, 2022




In this story chapter you can recruit Asbel from Tales of Graces f and Senel from Tales of Legendia.


Icon Details Icon Details
-profile- Asbel.png Character: Asbel
Anima Sync: -anima sync- Violet.png Violet
From: Tales of Graces f
-profile- Senel.png Character: Senel
Anima Sync: -anima sync- Blue.png Blue
From: Tales of Legendia

Newly Introduced

-awakened profile- Asbel.png
-awakened profile- Senel.png


Main Scenario Chapters
Arc 1: Tales of the Rays

Prologue: A Land of Beginnings and Light
Ch. 1: A World of Blastia and Barriers
Ch. 2: A World of Cryas and Eleth
Ch. 3: A World of Prophecy and Fonon
Ch. 4: A World of Legends and Hope
Ch. 5: A World of People and Spirits
Ch. 6: A World of Four Heroes and God Eyes
Ch. 7: Two Worlds of Craymels
Ch. 8: A World of Heroes and Lenses: Pt. 1

Ch. 8: A World of Heroes and Lenses: Pt. 2
Ch. 9: A World of Mana and the Two Chosen: Pt. 1
Ch. 9: A World of Mana and the Two Chosen: Pt. 2
Ch. 10: A World of Legends & Origins
Ch. 11: A World of History and Myth
Ch. 12: A Guidepost of Shimmer and Chaos
Ch. 13: A Consequence of Truth and Betrayal
Final Chapter Pt. 1: Lies and Truth: World of Deception
Final Chapter Pt. 2: Lies and Truth: Entrusted Feelings

Arc 2: Mirrage Prison

Ch. 1: The Mirrist in Black and Eyepatch Mirrite
Ch. 2: The Captive Boy and Abducted Girl
Ch. 3: The Targeted Man and Childish Girl
Ch. 4: The Masked Boy Who Bears Hatred
Ch. 5: The Dark Wolf That Smolders
Ch. 6: The Atoning Hero and Remorseful Chosen

Ch. 7: The Demon Eye Wielder Unleashed
Ch. 8: The Boy Fighting Back and Confrontational Somatic
Ch. 9: The Shepherd Clad in Azure Power
Ch. 10: The Knight Who Abides By His Code
Ch. 11: The One Who Harbors Life's Cry Without Hesitation
Ch. 12: The Knight With a Heart of Justice - End and Beginning

Arc 3: Fairy's Requiem

Ch. 1: The Masked Man Working in the Shadows
Ch. 2: The Spirit that Unites the Unraveling World
Ch. 3: The Pact and Awakening of a New Power
Ch. 4: The Lord of Spirits & Remnants of Maxwell
Ch. 5: The Link Between Mirrist and Mirrite
Ch. 6: The Destined Reunion
Ch. 7: The Bloody and the Sacred Flame
Ch. 8: The Oath of Friendship
Ch. 9: The Bonds of Spiria

Ch. 10: The Awakening
Ch. 11: The Mirrite's Grief
Ch. 12: Motives Entangled
Ch. 13: The Boy Who Glimmers with Quiet Resolve
Ch. 14: The Flame of Revival
Ch. 15: Sound that Portends Death and Life
Ch. 16: Lord of a Fallen Nation - The Cursebreaking Silver Arm
Ch. 16 Pt. 2: Lord of the Fallen Kingdom - The Future in Hand

Arc 4: Last Cradle

Ch. 1: Beginning to Return
Ch. 2: The War Over the Demon Eye
Ch. 3: The Blazing Eye
Ch. 4: Mirrite's Desires
Ch. 5: The Loyal Swordsman
Ch. 6: The Created Spirit
Ch. 7: Entrusted Memories
Ch. 8: The Odious Mark
Ch. 9: Shadows Stirring in the Din
Ch. 10: Concerto of Resurrection

Ch. 11: Revenge Underway
Ch. 12: Standing on the Brink of Calamity
Ch. 13: Shepherd Seated in Heaven
Ch. 14: The Defiance of the Dead
Ch. 15: Balor's Vanguard
Ch. 16: Fire Pillar of Sacrifice
Ch. 17: Rebellion Against God
Ch. 18: Wavering Bridge to Heaven
Ch. 19: The Reborn's Choice

Character Release Events
Arc 1: Tales of the Rays

Event 01: Mieu's Big Adventure
Event 02: Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods
Event 03: The Lord of Spirits & Friends
Event 04: WHIS & the Labyrinth of Toys
Event 05: The Distorted Kaleidoscope
Event 06: Saga of Destiny
Event 07: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Roofus & The Savior
Event 08: Fervid Swimming: Medley Relay
Event 09: The Seven Terrors of Tir Na Nog

Event 10: The Great Coliseum Revival
Event 11: Joyful Nor Doll
Event 12: Spirit Clash - Fire Showdown
Event 13: Tir Na Nog Festival
Event 14: EX-clipse: Live from Ark
Event 15: Off-Season Holiday - A Very Kresnik Christmas
Event 16: THE iDOLM@STER Stella Stage Crossover
Event 17: It's New Year's! - Brave Vesperia
Event 18: It's Still New Year's! Exorcist's Conviction

Arc 2: Mirrage Prison

Event 01: Customer Rush - Booming Business Chronicle
Event 02: Tir Na Nog Valentine's ~Chocolate~
Event 03: Raid Battle - Mithos Yggdrasill
Event 04: Tir Na Nog White Day - The Debt of Sweets
Event 05: Springtime Thanksgiving Festival in Ark
Event 06: Spirit Clash - Ice Showdown
Event 07: Good Luck Hubert! - Creating the First Fragrance
Event 08: Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Crossover
Event 09: Bienfu's Frenzied Wedding Plan
Event 10: The Great Coliseum Revival: Tales of the Stage

Event 11: Raid Battle - Barbatos Goetia
Event 12: Spirit Clash - Water Showdown
Event 13: Summer Memories ~Just This Summer~
Event 14: Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Crossover
Event 15: The Fire Seraph and Normin Summer Festival
Event 16: Spirit Clash - Wind Showdown
Event 17: Moon-Viewing Live in Tir Na Nog
Event 18: The Great Coliseum Revival: Snowy Town
Event 19: Tir Na Nog Halloween Battle or Treat
Event 20: Spirit Clash - Earth Showdown

Arc 3: Fairy's Requiem

Event 01: Tir Na Nog Christmas - Brave Vesperia
Event 02:THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Crossover
Event 03: Tir Na Nog New Years - Never Forget Your Graces
Event 04: Tir Na Nog - Ninja Scrolls
Event 05: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - True Feelings
Event 06: God Eater Resonant Ops Crossover
Event 07: Raid Battle - Dhaos
Event 08: Journey of Link
Event 09: Tir Na Nog White Day - Best Plan
Event 10: Spirit Gear - Ix & Mileena
Event 11: Raid Battle - Elrane
Event 12: Cherry Trees & The Vagabond of the Wind
Event 13: Casino Midnight
Event 14: Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Crossover Rerun
Event 15: Swordian Master: Chaltier's Hardships
Event 16: Star Ocean: Anamnesis Crossover
Event 17: Bridal Stories
Event 18: Raid Battle - Duke Pantarei
Event 19: Spirit Gear - Stahn & Leon & Veigue
Event 20: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Aifread's Treasures
Event 21: Sparkling Fireworks in the Night Sky
Event 22: Weaver of Time & Guide of Nothingness
Event 23: Autumn School Festival
Event 24: Spirit Gear - Emil & Sophie & Kyle
Event 25: Raid Battle - Lazaris
Event 26: Resounding Callegea Music Festival
Event 27: Tir Na Nog Halloween - Trick or Treasure
Event 28: Spirit Gear - Kor & Estelle & Velvet

Event 29: Eternal Love and the Miracle of Bonds
Event 30: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Holy Night's Gift
Event 31: Return of Formidable Foes - Mithos & Barbatos
Event 32: Raid Battle - Creed
Event 33: Gintama x Tales of the Rays Part 1
Event 34: Gintama x Tales of the Rays Part 2
Event 35: Spirit Gear - Cress & Mint & Reala
Event 36: The Great Coliseum is Open! Heated Dream Match
Event 37: God Eater Resonant Ops Crossover Rerun
Event 38: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - Servant and Chocolate
Event 39: Raid Battle - Little Queen
Event 40: Spirit Gear - Sorey & Rose & Alisha
Event 41: Wandering Spirit of the Great Tree
Event 42: An Easter Celebration to Start Spring Off
Event 43: Raid Battle - Shigure
Event 44: Blooming Bonds in a Foreign Country
Event 45: Spirit Gear - Lloyd & Colette & Kohaku
Event 46: TalesM@ster Cinderella Girls: HappyHappyTwin☆
Event 47: Raid Battle - Nebilim
Event 48: The Two Stars Story - Pandemonium Nights
Event 49: The First Rays of Festival
Event 50: Seaside Mirage
Event 51: Night Pool - Ines's Grand Strategy
Event 52: Wish Upon The River of Stars
Event 53: Spirit Gear - Yuri & Flynn & Repede
Event 54: .hack//G.U. Glorious Unreality
Event 55: Happy Happening Wedding
Event 56: Hunting Showdown: Leaf Shaking Shock

Arc 4: Last Cradle

Event 01: Spirit Gear - Pasca & Earhart & Grassvalley
Event 02: Overseer Rescue Plan - Unchanging Feelings for Friends
Event 03: Slayers Collaboration Part 1
Event 04: Slayers Collaboration Part 2
Event 05: The Second Rays of Festival
Event 06: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Ivar's Top Secret Mission
Event 07: Spirit Gear - Asbel & Cheria & Richard
Event 08: Overseer Rescue Plan - What was Sworn upon These Hands
Event 09: Overseer Rescue Plan - Following the Heart and Soul
Event 10: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III - Labyrinth of Recollection
Event 11: Spirit Gear - Dhaos & Barbatos & Gaius
Event 12: Raid Battle - Magnadeus
Event 13: BEAT LINKS -Future Miracles-
Event 14: The Third Rays of Festival
Event 15: Dwarf Star Bleeding Through the Void
Event 16: Black Clover - Bonds Put to the Test
Event 17: Black Clover - Beyond the Limit
Event 18: Spirit Gear - Jude & Milla Maxwell & Leia
Event 19: A Melody Played in the Abyss
Event 20: Raid Battle - Saleh
Event 21: The Great Coliseum is Open! Turbulent Tag Battle
Event 22: Spirit Gear - Kocis & Caius & Senel
Event 23: Star Festival That Brings Hearts Together
Event 24: Tir Na Nog SUMMER - Wind and Waves Beach Resort
Event 25: The Fourth Rays of Festival
Event 26: Floats! Fireworks! Frenzied Summer Festival!
Event 27: Spirit Gear - Ruca & Illia & Ricardo
Event 28: GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Loop of Despair
Event 29: GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Break the Nightmare
Event 30: Raid Battle - Heldalf

Event 31:Tir Na Nog Halloween - TRICK or ARISE
Event 32: Spirit Gear - Luke & Asch & Sync
Event 33: Orchestra That Excites the Soul
Event 34: Raid Battle - Artorius
Event 35: Tir Na Nog Christmas: Running Deliveryman on the Holy Night
Event 36: The Fifth Rays of Festival
Event 37: The Revived Mage and The King of the Underworld
Event 38: Spirit Gear - Reid & Ludger & Julius
Event 39: TIGER & BUNNY Hero Carnival
Event 40: Tir Na Nog New Year's - Liberators' New Year
Event 41: Raid Battle - Gaius
Event 42: Tir Na Nog Valentine's - The Icy Saint and The Innocent Girl
Event 43: Magical Circle Guru Guru - Resound! Heart Magic!
Event 44: The Mirrists' Anniversary
Event 45: A Wonderful Day -Linking Continual Feelings-
Event 46: Bosses' Revelry -Advent of Yggdrasill-
Event 47: The Sixth Rays of Festival
Event 48: Raid Battle - Miktran
Event 49: Bosses' Revelry -Advent of Final Form Dhaos-
Event 50: The Bifrost Holy Knights' Party
Event 51: Gintama x Tales of the Rays 2
Event 52: Heroes' Destination -TOD2-
Event 53: Spirit Gear - Alphen & Shionne & Rita
Event 54: Welcome to Tirug Land -A Guide from Another World-
Event 55: Welcome to Tirug Land -Lights and Stars Parade-
Event 56: Moonlit Phantom Thieves and The Mirrist Detective
Event 57: Heroes' Destination -TOS-
Event 58: The Light Between the Waves
Event 59: Crossover Tag Festival
Event 60: Heroes' Destination -TOHR-
Event 61: Spirit Gear - Farah & Shirley & Elize