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Attacks Build Mirrage Gauge

Full Gauge Means Ready to Activate

Swipe Up to Execute Mirrage Arte

Use Mirrage Artes to Raise Ratio

Mirrages grant access to Mirrage Artes to characters who can equip them. The character will be able to use the Mirrage Arte in combat so long as the Mirrage is equipped.

In Battle[]

The Mirrage Gauge (MG) is the pink gauge on the icons of characters who have Mirrages equipped. The gauge rises as you attack foes or accomplish feats such as winning a battle quickly.

When a character's Mirrage Gauge is full, swipe up on their character icon to execute a Mirrage Arte. While holding a character's icon in battle, you can scroll through any Mirrages you have collected and use that Mirrage Arte in proportion to the amount of Mirrage Gauge used. While a character is performing a Mirrage Arte, you can activate other characters' Mirrage Artes and chain them together.

Activating Mirrage Artes causes the Mirrage Ratio in the upper-left corner of the screen to rise, which boosts the damage of your Mirrage Artes in general. The Mirrage Ratio doesn't reset until the end of the quest, so it's a good idea to use Mirrage Artes as much as possible early on in order to boost your ratio before fighting the boss.


Awakened Characters can equip two Mirrage Artes. They are divided by Main and Sub. The activation method doesn't change upon awakening, however the conditions for using them will. Executing your Mirrage Arte at any time while you are able to build your Mirrage Gauge will activate your Main Mirrage Arte. Once your Mirrage Gauge becomes red indicating you've reached your limit, and can no longer build your Mirrage Gauge unless used, only then can you activate your Sub Mirrage Arte.


There are a few different classes of Mirrages. This includes Reward Mirrages, Standard, Seasonal, Collaboration, Decisive Battle, Overray, Crossover and Spirit Gear.

Reward Mirrage[]

Reid's Reward Mirrage

A Reward Mirrage (also commonly referred to as Free Mirrage(fMA) by the community) is a Mirrage that is given as a reward for clearing certain quests. These can be ontained by clearing Story and Event Scenarios, but can also be bought from the Prism Shop for 100 Prism Prisms. They are fully enhanced by default.

The cost to use Reward Mirrages is 100 MG unless it is a Mirrage of a Boss Character (such as Mithos or Barbatos), then it's 150 MG instead.

Current Listings: Reward Mirrage

Standard Mirrage[]

Emil's Standard Mirrage

Standard Mirrages (referred to as Normal Mirrages (nMA) by the developers or General Mirrages (gMA) by the community) are Mirrages characters may debut with. These are obtainable through the associated debut banner or subsequent banners if they're available.

The general cost to use Standard Mirrages is usually 100 MG. Collaboration and Boss characters will have varying MG costs. Power will vary depending on the type of Mirrage (such as Healing).

Current Listings: Standard Mirrage

Seasonal Mirrage[]

Mileena's Seasonal Mirrage

Seasonal Mirrages (commonly abbreviated as sMA) are special Mirrages in which characters are featured in special events. These Mirrages are typically obtainable for a limited amount of time during an associated event and may not appear for an extended period of time. Collaboration Mirrages will also fall under this category.

Seasonal Mirrages have varying power while also having various effects and bonus such as Status Afflictions. Seasonal Mirrages also have varying MG costs that can range from 80 MG to 130 MG.

Current Listings: Seasonal Mirrage

Decisive Battle Mirrage[]

Tear's Decisive Battle Mirrage

Decisive Battle Mirrages (commonly abbreviated as dMA) are Mirrages that depict a defining moment in a character's original game. Mirrages included in this category can debut during a seasonal event.

Decisive Mirrages can have additional effects such as Status Afflictions and are typically higher in power. These Mirrages can cost from 120 MG to 200 MG.

Current Listings: Decisive Battle Mirrage

Overray Mirrage[]

Sorey's Overray Mirrage

Overray Mirrages (abbreviated as oMA) are Mirrages that feature characters in a pivotal scene in their original game. After using these Mirrages, characters gain unique, special effects that can affect the party or enemies.

Overray Mirrages will usually cost 150 MG or higher.

Current Listings: Overray Mirrage

Crossover Mirrage[]

Ix and Mileena's Crossover Mirrage

Crossover Mirrages (abbreviated as xMA) are Mirrages that allow for combos never seen in the Tales series to exist allowing for never before seen combo attacks.

Crossover Mirrages cost 100 MG on just one character or can be used by both characters if they are on the same team next to each other and their total MG equals 100

Current Listings: Crossover Mirrage

Spirit Gear Mirrage[]

Sophie's Spirit Gear Mirrage

Spirit Gears are craft-able character-specific equipment. When equipped, the character will also gain an additional Anima Sync. Obtaining Spirit Gears will have a myriad of effects. These include strengthening your critical rate, a free costume, skill cut-in, a new gauge and more. Read more here.


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