Limit boosting weapons allow you to increase their maximum level capacity (up to 4 times).

Limit cap per rarity/weapon:

Rarity -limit break- 0v2 -limit break- 4v2 Level growth
-type- 1★ 15 35 +5
-type- 2★ 20 40 +5
-type- 3★ 40 80 +10
-type- 4★ 50 90 +10
-type- Mirrage 60 100 +10

To do so, an extra copies of the same weapon as recipe and Gald is required.

The gald you need for each limit boost:

Rarity -limit break- 1v2 -limit break- 2v2 -limit break- 3v2 -limit break- 4v2 Total
-type- 1★ 1,000 -thumbnail- Gald 2,000 -thumbnail- Gald 3,000 -thumbnail- Gald 4,000 -thumbnail- Gald 10,000 -thumbnail- Gald
-type- 2★ 1,000 -thumbnail- Gald 3,000 -thumbnail- Gald 4,000 -thumbnail- Gald 5,000 -thumbnail- Gald 13,000 -thumbnail- Gald
-type- 3★ 5,000 -thumbnail- Gald 10,000 -thumbnail- Gald 20,000 -thumbnail- Gald 30,000 -thumbnail- Gald 65,000 -thumbnail- Gald
-type- 4★ 8,000 -thumbnail- Gald 12,000 -thumbnail- Gald 25,000 -thumbnail- Gald 50,000 -thumbnail- Gald 95,000 -thumbnail- Gald
-type- Mirrage 20,000 -thumbnail- Gald 35,000 -thumbnail- Gald 50,000 -thumbnail- Gald 100,000 -thumbnail- Gald 205,000 -thumbnail- Gald


  • Limit boosting a weapon will only increase the level cap. There is no bonus stats when limit boosted.
  • The selling value will be the same. 1500 gald for a 3\* weapons max limit boosted or non limit boosted.
  • After the fuse, the other weapon will disappear.


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