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Katana Cress
Type Costume Weapon
Series None
Release Tir Na Nog - Ninja Scrolls
Release Date Jan 15, 2019
Character Cress
Obtention Details
Method Location Notes
Prism Exchange Costume Menu (Equipment)
Mirrage Debut Summon Series (Limited-Time)
  • Obtain: Moonlit Flash
  • Notes: There may be instances that the Costume Weapon isn't bundled with the Mirrage.


Cress's Costume List
Type Costumes
Outfits -vanity game- Starting Outfit Cress.png Starting Outfit-vanity game- Swordsman Cress.png Swordsman-vanity game- Fashionable Tuxedo Cress.png Fashionable Tuxedo-vanity game- Spirit Outfit (Origin) Cress.png Spirit Outfit (Origin)-vanity game- Boy with a Five-leaf Clover Grimoire's Outfit Cress.png Boy with a Five-leaf Clover Grimoire's Outfit
Accessory -vanity game- Starting Accessory Cress.png Starting Accessory-vanity game- Huggy Bush Baby Cress.png Huggy Bush Baby
Weapon -vanity game- Starting Weapon Cress.png Starting Weapon-vanity game- Penlight Saber 2018 Type P Cress.png Penlight Saber 2018 Type P-vanity game- Katana Cress.png Katana-vanity game- Eternal Sword (Origin) Cress.png Eternal Sword (Origin)
Mirrage Cut-in -vanity game- Reward Mirrage Cut-in Cress.png Reward Mirrage Cut-in-vanity game- Mirrage Cut-in Cress.png Mirrage Cut-in-vanity game- Spirit Gear Cut-in Cress.png Spirit Gear Cut-in
Cress's Weapon & Arte List
Rarity Artes
-type- 3★.png
-weapon game- Destroyer.png Destroyer (Rising Phoenix) • -weapon game- Damascus Sword.png Damascus Sword (Sword Rain: Alpha) • -weapon game- Sinclaire P.png Sinclaire P (Beast) • -weapon game- Hard Cleaver.png Hard Cleaver (Tiger Blade) • -weapon game- Sudden Grave.png Sudden Grave (Swallow Dance) • -weapon game- Mech Halberd.png Mech Halberd (Demon Fang) •
-type- 4★.png
-weapon game- Excalibur.png Excalibur (Distortion Blade) • -weapon game- Valkyrie Saber (Cress).png Valkyrie Saber (Phoenix Dance) •
-type- 5★.png
-weapon game- Swordmaster Cress.png Swordmaster Cress (Beast Blade / Kou Shishi Kouhazan) • -weapon game- Snappy Uniform Cress.png Snappy Uniform Cress (Chaos Blade / Shin Kokuu Souhazan) • -weapon game- Dauntless Magic Knight Cress.png Dauntless Magic Knight Cress (Spin Slice / Space-time Hurricane) • -weapon game- Space-time Swordsman Cress.png Space-time Swordsman Cress (Eternal Slasher / Tenshou Jigenzan) • -weapon game- Anniversary Formalwear Cress.png Anniversary Formalwear Cress (Demonic Tiger Blade / Mou Majin Souhazan) •
-type- Mirrage.png
-mirrage game- Swordsman of Euclid.png Swordsman of Euclid (Chaos Distortion Blade) • -mirrage game- Midgards Air Battle.png Midgards Air Battle (Chaos Reaper) • -mirrage game- Moonlit Flash.png Moonlit Flash (Hyoushin Kuuhazan) • -mirrage game- People to Protect.png People to Protect (Meikuu Soshouha) • -mirrage game- A Heart That Never Gives Up.png A Heart That Never Gives Up (Space-time Bull Thrust) • -mirrage game- Thunder of the Heroes.png Thunder of the Heroes (Lightning Tiger Blade) • -mirrage game- War God upon Heavenly Horse.png War God upon Heavenly Horse (Sensou Gungnir) •
-type- Spirit Gear.png
-mirrage game- Embodiment of the Spirit King's Will.png Embodiment of the Spirit King's Will (Soukuu Shouhaken) •