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Exchange Market[]

An exchange market is an area in which event-exclusive currencies can be traded in for other things. The current style of events provides two currencies—a rarer one that featured characters give a bonus for and a common one that all other characters give a bonus for. The standard list in an exchange market consists of the following:

  • Gacha Summon Tickets for the character(s) making their debut in the event
    • There are usually two sets of these, one for each currency.
  • Event Exclusive Weapons. These are always a 4★ weapon.
    • There is usually one copy of the weapon available for a lesser price, with the other four copies needed to Limit Boost being more expensive.
  • Event exclusive Posters, displayable in the Room
  • Nexus Shards for both the new character and any previously available characters featured in the event
  • Costumes for the character(s) making their debut
  • Enhancement Materials
  • Gald
  • An option to exchange the common event-exclusive currency for the rarer one, typically at a rate of 20 rare for every 100 common for new events and 30 rare for every 100 common during reruns

There may be lists that deviate from the arrangement above, such as those available during Spirit Gear Events.



Clearing House/Exchange Area

Point Event Clearing House

Currently available Exchange Markets can be accessed by tapping the 売却・交換(Sell/Exchange) tab at the bottom of the screen, then 交換所・引換所 (Clearing House/Exchange Area), and finally ポイントエベント交換所 (Point Event Clearing House). From there, a list of Exchange Markets will be available on the right side of the screen.
There is also a small button present on the lower left of the event's main quest page, but the above method can be used to access the Exchange Market even after the event ends, as the Exchange Market for events is still available for a period of time after the event itself is over.