Weapons Edit

Enhancing equippable weapons allow you to boost their levels and stats. To do so, you need Chiral Crystal Material and gald to enhance them.

Chiral Crystal Edit

Chiral Crystals are used to enhance weapons and mirrages. There're different type of Chiral Crystals and they don't give the same EXP and the same cost to your weapon.

Chiral Crystal XP given XP given (bonus 150%) Cost (per Chiral)
-item game- Small Chiral Crystal Slash -item game- Small Chiral Crystal Spell
-item game- Small Chiral Crystal Bash -item game- Small Chiral Crystal Shot
100 150 200
-item game- Medium Chiral Crystal Slash -item game- Medium Chiral Crystal Spell
-item game- Medium Chiral Crystal Bash -item game- Medium Chiral Crystal Shot
500 750 1,000
-item game- Large Chiral Crystal Slash -item game- Large Chiral Crystal Spell
-item game- Large Chiral Crystal Bash -item game- Large Chiral Crystal Shot
1,000 1,500 2,000
-item game- Small Chiral Crystal Super 2,000 3,000 4,000
-item game- Medium Chiral Crystal Super 3,000 4,500 6,000
-item game- Large Chiral Crystal Super 4,000 6,000 8,000


  • The bonus 150% is up only if your weapon matches with the Chiral Crystal.
  • Chiral Crystal: Super will get the 150% bonus on all weapons.
  • You can't use Weapon type Chiral Crystal (Slash, Spell, Bash, Shot). You can only enhance Mirrages with Chiral Crystal: Super. Chiral Crystal: Super won't give 150% bonus on Mirrages.

Chiral Crystal can be dropped on almost all quests/events in the game. The most common are Small Chiral Crystal and the rarest, Large Chiral Crystal.

Artes Edit

Enhancing an Arte raises its level (up to 4 times), which can increase power or provide additional effects. To do so, you need Elemental Material, Arte enhancement material and gald.

The arte enhancement cost depends only on rarity for weapons and it is the same for Mirrages.

Type -skill- 1 -skill- 2 -skill- 3 -skill- 4 -skill- 5 Total
-type- 3★ 40,000 -thumbnail- Gald 80,000 -thumbnail- Gald 160,000 -thumbnail- Gald 320,000 -thumbnail- Gald 750,000 -thumbnail- Gald 1,350,000 -thumbnail- Gald
-type- 4★ 50,000 -thumbnail- Gald 100,000 -thumbnail- Gald 250,000 -thumbnail- Gald 500,000 -thumbnail- Gald 1,000,000 -thumbnail- Gald 1,900,000 -thumbnail- Gald
-type- Mirrage 50,000 -thumbnail- Gald 100,000 -thumbnail- Gald 250,000 -thumbnail- Gald 500,000 -thumbnail- Gald 1,000,000 -thumbnail- Gald 1,900,000 -thumbnail- Gald

Elemental Material Edit

Elemental Materials are used to enhance weapons/mirrages. There're 7 Elemental Material (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, Null) and 2 different upgrades (Low, High).

Element Low upgrade High upgrade
-element- Fire -item game- Fire Material -item game- Flame Material
-element- Water -item game- Water Material -item game- Torrential Material
-element- Wind -item game- Wind Material -item game- Tornado Material
-element- Earth -item game- Earth Material -item game- Terra Material
-element- Light -item game- Light Material -item game- Radiant Material
-element- Dark -item game- Dark Material -item game- Shadow Material
Null -item game- Null Material -item game- Infinite Material

The amount of elemental materials needed to enhance an arte depends only on rarity for weapons and it is the same for Mirrages.

Type Upgrade -skill- 1 -skill- 2 -skill- 3 -skill- 4 Total
-type- 3★ Low 5 15 20
High 8 15 23
-type- 4★ Low 7 22 29
High 12 22 34
-type- Mirrage Low 15 20 35
High 5 8 15 28

Chiral Crystal can be dropped on almost all quests/events in the game. Please take a look of the Elemental Material Droplist to get more informations.

Anima Orb Edit

Anima Orb are used to enhance weapons. There're 4 types (Slash, Spell, Bash, Shot) and 3 upgrades (Small, Medium, Large).

Type Small Medium Large
-type- Slash -item game- Small Anima Orb Slash -item game- Medium Anima Orb Slash -item game- Large Anima Orb Slash
-type- Spell -item game- Small Anima Orb Spell -item game- Medium Anima Orb Spell -item game- Large Anima Orb Spell
-type- Bash -item game- Small Anima Orb Bash -item game- Medium Anima Orb Bash -item game- Large Anima Orb Bash
-type- Shot -item game- Small Anima Orb Shot -item game- Medium Anima Orb Shot -item game- Large Anima Orb Shot

The amount of Anima Orb needed to enhance an arte depends only on the rarity.

Type Upgrade -skill- 1 -skill- 2 -skill- 3 -skill- 4 Total
-type- 3★ Small 8 20 30 40 98
Medium 3 10 15 20 48
Large 2 4 6
-type- 4★ Small 12 30 45 60 147
Medium 4 15 22 30 71
Large 3 6 9

Anima Orb can be dropped in events and specific daily dungeon.

Mirrage Material Edit

As the name could let suppose, Mirrage Materials are used to enhance Mirrage. There're 3 upgrades (Stone, Crystal, Orb).

Mirrage Stone Mirrage Crystal Mirrage Orb
-type- Mirrage -item game- Mirrage Stone -item game- Mirrage Crystal -item game- Mirrage Orb
Type Upgrade -skill- 1 -skill- 2 -skill- 3 -skill- 4 Total
-type- Mirrage -item full- Mirrage Stone 3 5 8 12 28
-item full- Mirrage Crystal 2 3 4 5 14
-item full- Mirrage Orb 1 2 3

Mirrage Materials are only obtainable in events and missions.

Reflective Material Edit

The last arte enhancement always require a Reflective Material.

Type -item full- Reflective Material needed
-type- Weapons 1
-type- Mirrage 2

Reflective Material is only obtainable in events.


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