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Here is a list of currencies available in the game.

AP Orb[]

-currency game- AP Orb.png

AP Orb is a free currency needed to increase the player's max AP (Action Points). Three are needed to raise the max AP by 1. On obtaining the 3rd, the AP bar will refill completely, plus any left over from before the refill. It is possible to have more AP than the max when this happens.

One AP Orb is obtained for either entering or completing a Main Story Quest with an -thumbnail- Skit Quest.png or -thumbnail- Character Quest.png icon seen in the Main Story mode, or watching Sub-Scenarios from characters already obtained.
※(Event Quests with -thumbnail- Skit Quest.png or -thumbnail- Character Quest.png will not give AP Orbs, and characters pre-obtained by gacha MAs also won't have a Sub-Scenario until their regular recruitment quest is completed.)

Friend Point[]

-currency game- Friend Point.png

Friend Points are a free currency given each time the player takes a follower/following or an unknown player as their helper in a Quest. Friend points are used in the Friend Points summon which will reward Anima Orbs, Chiral Crystals, and weapons varying from 1★ to 4★ (Only limited to story characters)

Friend points awarded:

  • 50 FP if -thumbnail- Mutual.png
  • 40 FP if -thumbnail- Follow.png or -thumbnail- Follower.png
  • 30 FP otherwise

You can store up to 50,000 FP.


-currency game- Gald.png

Gald is the main in-game income to enhance/limit boost weapons and Mirrages.

Gald is obtainable by:

  • Doing Quests.
  • Exchange with event currency.
  • Login bonuses.

You can store up to 99,999,999 Gald.


-currency game- Diamond.png

Diamonds are the first type of gacha summon currency in JP. They are a free currency.
When WW was active, Diamonds were scrapped in favor of making Mirrogems the only summon currency.

Diamonds are obtainable by:

Ratio: 1 Diamond = 10 Mirrogems.

You can store up to 999,999 Diamonds.


-currency game- Mirrogem.png

Mirrorgems are the second type of gacha summon currency in JP. They are a premium paid currency.
When WW was active, Mirrogems were the only currency.


Mirrogems are obtainable by:

  • Buying them


Mirrogems could be obtained by:

  • Doing quests and clear objectives
  • Clear some missions
  • Compensation
  • Buying them

Prices (only as reference)

JP prices are listed as of 17 May 2020. Be aware that there may be some fluctuation due to daily changes in exchange rate of ¥ to $.
WW prices are listed for legacy purposes only.  Prices were recorded on 26 September 2017.

MirrogemsAmountPrices in WW (USD)Prices in JP (USD)
-currency game- 50 Mirrogems.pngWW50 Mirrogems$0.99$1.12
-currency game- 210 Mirrogems.pngWW210 Mirrogems$3.99$4.57
-currency game- 490 Mirrogems.pngWW490 Mirrogems$7.99$9.15
-currency game- 1040 Mirrogems.pngWW1060 Mirrogems
※was 1040 in WW
-currency game- 2020 Mirrogems.pngWW2000 Mirrogems
※was 2020 in WW
-currency game- 3100 Mirrogems.pngWW3100 Mirrogems$47.99$54.71
-currency game- 3100 Mirrogems.pngWW

4060 Mirrogems
※was 4750 in WW

-currency game- 4750 Mirrogems.pngWW6150 Mirrogems-$93.36

Sales may occasionally happen to purchase Mirrogems at a discount, with them being delivered to the player's present section of the Home page little by little over the course of the next 30 days instead of being obtained all at once. They are obtained at the same time as the day's login bonus.

You can store up to 999,999 Mirrogems.


-currency game- Prism.png

Prisms are a freemium currency which allow the player to buy costumes and weapons & Reward Mirrages from the Turtlez Shop.

Prisms can be obtained by:

  • Summoning x10 times with Mirrogems (awards 220 Prisms)
  • Summoning once with Mirrogems (awards 20 Prisms)
  • Completing certain missions
  • Selling weapons
    • 3★ weapons give 24 Prisms
    • 4★ weapons give 120 Prisms (Event Exclusive give 5)
    • 5★ weapons give 300 Prisms
  • Purchasing them from an event's trading spot if available
  • Certain login bonuses

You can store up to 999,999 Prisms.

High Prism[]

-currency game- High Prism.png

High Prisms are obtained alongside regular Prisms when selling any Mirrage other than a Reward Mirrage. Each Mirrage sold grants 10 High Prisms, which can be exchanged for the following in the High Prism Exchange:

  • 10 High Prisms: Mirrage Gear Guaranteed Viva★Ticket
  • 25 High Prisms: Mirrage Guaranteed Viva★Ticket
  • 60 High Prisms: Mirrage Gear Selection Ticket
  • 150 High Prisms: Mirrage Selection Ticket

⚠️Note: Mirrage Gear and Mirrages related to Crossovers are not included in the pool of available equipment.

Event Currency[]

Some events will provide event-exclusive currencies obtainable by defeating enemies in stages or completing certain Event Missions. These currencies can be traded in a limited-time trading shop to get various items.

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