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-type- 4★.png

Crystal Shell
-thumbnail- Regal.png

Weapon Class Arte Weapon
Arte Type -type- Bash.png Bash
Release Overseer Rescue Plan - What was Sworn upon These Hands
Exclusive Exchange Market
Release Date Jan 11, 2021
Sell Value 2,500 Gald 5 Prism 0 High Prism
Equip User Regal

Stats Physical Arte CC
-limit break- 0v2.png - - 4
-limit break- 4v2.png - - 6

Arte Details
Storm Dance

Element Chain # Cost Power
-element- Wind.png Wind None 5 CC (4 CC) 325 (390)
Cast Time Knockdown Off the Ground Preview
No No Yes Youtube
Materials Enhancements
  1. -thumbnail- Aerial Arte.png Enables aerial use
  2. Increase damage by 10%
  3. Reduce enemy Iron Stance by +2 hits
  4. Increase damage by 10%
  5. Reduce CC cost by 1
  6. Increase Rush Distance by 30%


Regal's Weapon & Arte List
Rarity Artes
-type- 3★.png
Leather Greaves (Spin Kick) • Iron Greaves (Rising Dragon) • Venom S (Eagle Fall) •
-type- 4★.png
Crystal Shell (Storm Dance) • Bear Claw (Triple Rage Kick) • Dragon Fang (Dragon's Talon) •
-type- 5★.png
Handcuffed Prisoner Regal (Crescent Dark Moon / Gekkaryuurenbu) •
-type- Mirrage.png
Prisoner of Tethe'alla (Zesshugohappa) • Ambush in the Sewers (Final Fury: Hungry Wolf) •
-type- Spirit Gear.png
Spirit Gear currently unavailable.
Regal's Costume List
Type Costumes
Outfits Starting OutfitPresident of Lezerano Company
Accessory Starting Accessory
Weapon Starting Weapon
Mirrage Cut-in Reward Mirrage Cut-inMirrage Cut-in