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Beachfront Girl's Swimsuit
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Beachfront Girl's Swimsuit Alisha
Type Outfit
Series Swimsuit
Release Fervid Swimming: Medley Relay
Release Date Aug 16, 2017
Character Alisha
Obtention Details
Method Location Notes
Prism Exchange Costume Menu (Equipment)
Mirrage Debut Summon Series (Limited-Time)
  • Obtain: Burden of Destiny
  • Notes: There may be instances that the Costume isn't bundled with the Mirrage.


Alisha's Costume List
Type Costumes
Outfits Starting OutfitBeachfront Girl's SwimsuitStoic Diva Type Idol CostumeDemure LibrarianSpirit Outfit (Shadow)
Accessory Starting Accessory
Weapon Starting WeaponForged Spear (Shadow)
Mirrage Cut-in Reward Mirrage Cut-inMirrage Cut-inSpirit Gear Cut-in
Alisha's Weapon & Arte List
Rarity Artes
-type- 3★.png
Jasper Spear (Serpent Snare) • Spear of Sacrifice (Moonlight Swallow) • Amber Spear (Pyre Light) • Wileaf Sarissa (Skewering Spear) •
-type- 4★.png
Splenwar (Demon Swallow) • Force of Justice (Cloud Concentration) • Final Demise (Thunderclap) • Cruciform Spear (Sparrow Jive) •
-type- 5★.png
Patriotic Princess Alisha (Pyre Light / Flames of Light) • Strength of a Knight Alisha (Yatagarasu / Yashagarasu) • Knight Facing Calamity Alisha (Blazing Stars / Shichisei Tenrekka) •
-type- Mirrage.png
Lancer of Hyland (White Heron, Purple Sky) • Burden of Destiny (Celestial Grouse) • With Love (Brightstar Shine) • Fluttering Petals (Dankou Zankyourai) • Twin Stars of Spirit and Dreams (Soulstoke Celebration) •
-type- Spirit Gear.png
Sheathed in the Blessing of Darkness (Yatensougekka) •